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Jeanette Rodriguez
2013-04-09, 13:35
I would recommend this restaurant for its amazing food. I took my mother and mother in law for mother's day and the food was delicious. Our waiter was awesome, he was very friendly and helpful. I believe they don't take any reservations beforehand. I remember calling on the same day I wanted to have dinner. They write your name on a list next to the time you want to have dinner and they call you when the table is ready.
Barbara P
2013-04-09, 13:34
Worth the wait! The wait staff are hard-working and efficient. Despite being constantly harassed by folks waiting in line, Violetta-the hostess is pretty accurate on how long your wait time is. Once you get your table, you'll quickly forget the wait -- the food is WONDERFUL - always fresh and delicious. Contrary to what other reviewers have said, they DO have desserts that are as tasty as the entrees. Go early and you won't have to wait as long.
Ermelinda C.
2013-04-09, 13:32
I was surprised for several reasons when we dined here:
1) the place itself is VERY large
2) despite not taking reservations, the wait time is not bad at all
3) service is friendly and nice
4) the food is beyond delicious - as authentic and as fresh as it gets! I absolutely loved the fresh fish, cooked to perfection and to die for with each bite.
5) nice wine selection!
Jesse N.
2013-04-09, 13:32
I was only here once on a day where the stars miraculously aligned and my party of 7 was seated fairly quickly. I haven't been back since that day but often yearn for the amazing food I had. Highlights included the stuffed clams, broiled scallops, and the lemon potatoes. I only vaguely remember the other non-seafood dishes because the catches "from the sea" are divine. Unfortunately, I do not believe they deliver to me.

I was in the Ditmars area the other day and found myself on the outside of the restaurant peering in... First, at the long line that had formed despite the cold and then at the food that I had longed craved for. I didn't have the patience to wait so I left... feeling defeated... My seafood dreams so close yet so far awa
Teresa B.
2013-04-09, 13:29
Meaning, when the family visits from all points of the country, this is the first place in Astoria, or all of NYC, that is requested as a first visit.

Generally, Kyclades has a huge line as a testament to why you should come here.

What I have learned is to plan a lunch visit. They open at noon, and they have a $11.95 "specials" menu.

Show up at 11:50 a.m. and expect the best service of everything that is sublime about their menu.

A party of 4, today we ordered:

1. Tzatziki served with their crusty bread
2. Grilled Sausage
3. Pork Kebabs
4. Peasant Salad
5. Grilled Octopus
6. And a Salmon Platter

All for less than $70!

And as a family, we finally learned how to share.