Known for its large Greek population, Astoria, Queens is a hub for Greek food.

Taverna Kyclades, centrally located on Ditmar’s Blvd., stands out for its seafood. A taxidermy trophy swordfish decorates the exposed brick wall of the dining room, and the staff is appropriately dressed in blue and white (the colors of the Greek flag).

Lunch & Dinner

Lunch is simple here, with a short menu of fish entrees, supplemented by burgers, pasta, and Greek spinach pie layered with feta cheese and crispy phyllo dough.

Dinner presents a much larger choice of main dishes, with an emphasis on sea food. From calamari and octopus to shrimp stuffed with crabmeat. Desserts are also offered.

The Philosophy of fresh

Kyclades is a family owned business and we take care of our clients as if they were our family. Every day - early in the morning - when everybody else sleeps, we personally choose the fish, meat and other ingredients that you will taste in our dishes. We believe that the best ingredients for our traditional Greek cuisine are fresh ingredients.


Kyclades is a group of islands, known for its wonderful beaches, unique sunrises and of course always tasty food. Visit Kyclades Taverna at the center of Astoria and enjoy fresh fish and tasty Greek food   just as if you were on one of those islands.


Jesse N.
2013-04-09, 13:32
I was only here once on a day where the stars miraculously aligned and my party of 7 was seated fairly quickly. I haven't been back since that day but often yearn for the amazing food I had. Highlights included the stuffed clams, broiled scallops, and the lemon potatoes. I only vaguely remember the other non-seafood dishes because the catches "from the sea" are divine. Unfortunately, I do not believe they deliver to me.

I was in the Ditmars area the other day and found myself on th...