February 13, 2015 -

We're still not kidding when we say their fish should have their own zip code!
The superior Black Sea Bass, triumphant on your plate



March 31, 2014 -


Just like Saks has their own zip code for their shoe department, Taverna Kyclades could have their own zip code for their seafood.  Owners Caterina and Ardian Skenderi have shown us that Taverna Kyclades is not their occupation: it is their vocation.  An academic we know quite well did an in-depth study of the philsophical/theological thoughts of vocation and showed us there is quite a difference between one's vocation and one's job.  Some restaurants and employees of restaurants see what they do as a job and it is both disappointing and disheartening to interact with those that do not live for the pursuit of excellence.