• Destination for Greek food

    Destination for Greek food

    Taverna Kyclades is considered one of the best destinations to taste authentic Greek food in Astoria NY.
  • Kyclades East Village

    Kyclades East Village

    A new location to serve our Manhattan customers
  • Awarded Simplicity

    Awarded Simplicity

    When it comes to food, what matters is the quality and the taste. That's exactly why Kyclades is one of the most awarded Greek Restaurants.
  • Always Fresh

    Always Fresh

    Both our locations are serving fresh fish all day.
  • Expectations


    Only the best ingredient, cooked traditionally by our professional team, served in the right conditions, with unforgettable flavor.
  • Islands Inside

    Islands Inside

    Our second room is painted with hand made designs of Kyclades, the world famous Greek Islands.
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  • Appetizers
  • Meat
  • Seafood
  • Fried Calamari is one of our specialty and for sure one of the plates that you are going to love!
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    • Seafood
  • Another great specialty of Taverna Kyclades, served grilled and fresh, one of our popular selections.
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    • Seafood
  • The Greek Sausage is among one of the favorite dishes of the Greeks. Spicy with deep flavor of meat.
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    • Meat
  • Also known as Saganaki, combined with vegetables and tomato tastes great with all other dishes.
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    • Appetizers
  • Pork kebab at it's best, with fresh meat traditionally cooked and served with fresh vegetables.
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    • Meat
  • Feta, Olives, Tomatoes, Cucumber, olive oil and the tasteful experience flies to the sky.
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    • Appetizers
  • One of the flavors you shouldn't miss, salmon grilled, always fresh.
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    • Seafood
  • Taste one of the favorite dishes of Greeks, grilled the traditional way.
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    • Meat
  • Fresh red beets made daily tossed with olive oil and chopped garlic
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    • Appetizers


Ermelinda C.
2013-04-09, 13:32
I was surprised for several reasons when we dined here:
1) the place itself is VERY large
2) despite not taking reservations, the wait time is not bad at all
3) service is friendly and nice
4) the food is beyond delicious - as authentic and as fresh as it gets! I absolutely loved the fresh fish, cooked to perfection and to die for with each bite.
5) nice wine selection!

Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday: noon - 11.00pm
Friday-Saturday: noon - 11.30pm
Sunday: noon - 10.30pm

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Taverna Kyclades, in Astoria NY, is one of the best places in city for fresh fish & Greek food.

Greek cuisine is based on the fresh ingredients and the combinations with the natural products mother earth gave us. We follow this ancient Greek rule earning triumphal reviews and awards.